Videos that ruined the song or singer for you.

Shania Twain is back in the limelight.

I liked her last album fine.

Her latest effort is " I’m gonna get you…" which is caught somewhere between pop schlock and well…pop schlock.

It sure ain’t country.

But the video…

Holy moly, she looks like a tart misplaced in a modern day Tron and the “story line” *has zero to do with the song lyrics *. I know this is not a shocker in the music world, but c’mon…

Mr. Ujest, doesn’t seem to care, he could stare at her in that black lace body suit all day.

I have to say, her outfit is not nearly as appalling as some of the others she has donned. She, or whoever dresses her, should be charged with serial felony tackiness.

This one didn’t ruin the song for me, but it’s pretty painful.

The time: The mid 1980s. The artist: Iggy Pop. The song: “Cry for Love”

The video begins promisingly enough, with Iggy standing by the freeway attempting to hitch a ride. Were this a Z.Z. Top video a carful of busty blondes in miniskirts would no doubt come to his rescue, but Iggy has no such luck. The truckers won’t even slow down for him! He walks under the overpass where there’s all this discarded furniture and other junk strewn about, and a few homeless people. So Iggy begins to do what any man in his situation would do, he dances. He dances like a Russian ballet dancer who defected to the US and became a PCP addict. You got yer plies, yer pirouettes, yer spastic arm flailing, and yer rolling around on the ground.

There’s a brief interlude in a fleabag motel with a woman in a short dress or nightgown. She’s reading a magazine. Iggy gives her a glass of water. She goes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth, and he watches TV. Nothing remotely sexy happens…maybe they’re supposed to be married.

Then Iggy goes and dances in a junkyard for a while, and there are a couple of random shots of a street taken from a helicopter and some kind of power plant. Iggy keeps on dancing, then climbs up on these big spheres (sort of like Roger Daltrey in Tommy), and in the very last moment of the video suddenly turns into a wolf. For no reason.

I can’t imagine this was good for sales. When I first saw the whole thing I laughed until I cried. I mean, I like Iggy, and I think “Cry for Love” was his best single of the '80s, but even I wouldn’t have bought it based on this video.