Vietnam and military records availability

Long story short - my dad works with a guy that is very “gung ho” about being a Vietnam vet war-hero type and everyone at work thinks this guy is lying - either he wasn’t there or he was just some regular grunt.

The guys want me to find out “by using that computer thingy” if this guy served and when, and his rank. I tried to find his DD214 but quickly realized it’s only available to vets themselves, so I told the guys “no can do.” They’re upset with me and now it’s a challenge.

Are there any resources online I can use to find more info about this guy’s service? I only want legal information available to the American public, of course :slight_smile: Also, if there’s nothing online, can the FOI Act get me anywhere? I can have the guys at dad’s work write a letter and do it themselves if they’re so intent on it.

Go to Google and run a search on “phony veterans” and loads of resources will come back.

I didn’t dig any further to see what type of info you can get but it looks like you might be able to get something.