Vietnam/Korean War Veterans and Asian People

Earlier this year I read Phillip Roth’s The Human Stain and there was a character who had been to vietnam and had to go through this veteran therapy by going with other veterans to a chinese restaurant. I know there is a movie version but I havne’t seen it and do not know if this part was included in the film. The character basically goes ballistic whenever he sees an asian person even though he knows that that person is not vietnamese and probably american by birth.

Now I work at the Veterans Hospital. I’m in medical research which is in a separate secure building from the actual veterans. The medical field tends to be overly represented by asians not to mention this is San Francisco, so multiply that by whatever. I would never dream of asking any of my co-workers who have been here longer and might have more experience with the actual veterans a question like this.

So the question is, does any one know anything about this? Do such “readjustment therapies” exist? Do many veterans actually flip out in this way after Vietnam/Korea when having to be around asian people? It seems a little dramatic but it never hurts to ask. We have a separate mental health ward here so maybe any veteran who would have social problems being around asian people are kept there. But surely asian peopel work in the mental health ward. Maybe this is a stupid question but just curious.

wow no one will reply to this. I want to know!