VigLink changing link destinations


I posted a link to a newegg product page for a processor and VigLink is changing it to a best buy page for Windows 10.

Here’s the HTML that comes back from the server:

</div>It's also 40% better.  I think you'd be better off going with a core i3-6100 and dumping the savings into the GPU.  It's only a dual core vs a quad core, but there are only a handful of tasks that benefit from having four cores.  <br />
<br />
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

As you can see, the link is to newegg. After some javascript runs it then switches it to a link to best buy.

It’s a known issue. We get a post about it here in ATMB every month or two.

I think you might have missed this part:

My understanding of VigLink is that it’s supposed to capture links to some businesses so that the SDMB can get a small commission from whatever sales ensue. Redirecting links to different businesses seems like it’s either a mistake or far more intrusive behavior than before.

How much do I have to pay for the privilege of changing the links of other posters without their permission?

Using a URL shortener would probably prevent this.

Telling them to stop it will do the same.

Using Chrome or Firefox with an ad blocker addon solves this issue. Also available for Android and iOS. You don’t even have to be a Charter Member to take advantage.

Originally, Viglink just counted clicks and the SDMB got paid some small amount per click. Viglink no longer works that way. The way it currently operates, it will not only count clicks, but it will sometimes create links where none existed, and it will change links to point to one of their sponsor’s links.

I didn’t have any problem with its original behavior (hey, the folks in charge here have to make some money off of us somehow). Personally (and just to be clear I’m not speaking for the SDMB here), its current behavior makes me classify it as malware.

A script blocker will kill it, as will adding to your spam or ad filter.