Vikings: Valhalla - entire season drops February 25 on Netflix

Vikings was a wild ride, but it was also unfortunately very much up and down in quality. They never recovered from getting rid of Ragnar, though there were plenty of great moments after his…exit.

Anyway, Netflix has paid to make a sequel* series that is set 100 years after Ragnar and Sons, the original show.

I’m glad it drops all at once. I kind of hate waiting and learned with Vikings that week-to-week doesn’t work on that show for me. I need to see one or two a day to keep up with what is happening.

Anyone else excited? I hope it is great.

Note: until this thread, I thought it was a prequel series. I looked it up just as I wrote the post and learned it is a sequel series.

I’m interested, but I don’t plan to pick Netflix back up until the end of May. (Stranger Things 4th season release)