Villains with a point

Superheros were also registered in one Marvel series.

And we are not talking about being locked up, we are talking about registration, and seeing just how dangerous the supe/mutant is.

If Skin? Fine, give him a card and forget about him.

if Cyclops, he needs to belong to a group that has accountability.

If Dark Phoenix- well, getting the Hulk to smash her? I dunno.

RE: Tenet.

Nah, that was one of the things in the movie that was explicit and clear - Sator was dying, and had decided to take the rest of the world with him. That even included his son; there was a conversation in which he admitted to knowing that his son would be a casualty, but he’d fathered him anyway.

As far as we know!


Also, Wakanda is the most scientifically advanced, high-tech country in the world – and yet so politically primitive that you can fight a duel for the throne?!

Yeah, I was really hoping M’Baku would win, then turn to the assembly and say, “This is an idiotic way to choose a king!”, turn to T’Challa and say, disdainfully, “Keep your throne. Just know that M’Baku is stronger, and I can take it anytime I want. Be careful how your decisions affect the Jabari Tribe,” and turn and leave with his entourage.

Braveheart is terrible history, but let’s assume everything that happened and how it happened in the movie is reality and judge it just on that.

Edward I Longshanks is a feudal king and has responsibilities far beyond everyone else in the entire movie. Scotland is part of his realm, he aims to keep it under order. His son and heir is a fucktard which means civil war or rebellion is likely the second he dies, many people will die because of his sons inadequacy. The ‘local magistrate’ might be a fucktard, but how would he know? He has pressing issues in France throughout the movie, and everything we see in the movie is just a sideshow of pressure for him. Yelling “FREEDOM!” means fuck all, then and now, HOW do you ensure and protect it Billy Wallace? ‘This country has no sense of itself’ apparently, and warning clans are already fighting even when they’re winning.

He reinstated the ‘prima nocta’ right, that was wrong. We have no way of knowing how many other lords throughout Scotland did it though. Again the only ‘local magistrate’ we saw could just be a fucktard.

He sent the Princess in the hopes she might get killed and get France on his side, that’s just pragmatic.

Throwing Phillip, his sons privy high council, out the window? Yeah, I get that. He was a joke.

However, “Never forget this. Edward Longshanks is the most ruthless king of England.” Says the leprous 16th Earl of Bruce in a movie full of Scots splitting English skulls open with axes.

I think Kiefer Sutherland’s career wound up doing just fine…

but there was scene in middle where his girlfriend (forgot name) fronted about same thing

but you notice there were still some traditional structures like straw huts in midst ; also, having a duel was keeping traditions alive.