Villains with a point

After thinking about posting Kilmonger in Your favorite villains, I really didn’t think Michael B. Jordan occupied this bad guy anywhere near as well as some of the actors in that thread. What Kilmonger did have was a point, “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.”

Another Marvel villain with a (much stupider point in my opinion) was Thanos’ ‘allayalls gotta die to save yourselves’ motivation. And it is my personal opinion that the reason 2012 was such a terrible movie was that Oliver Pratt was absolutely right all along and the movie tried to make us cheer for selfish idiots.

Who do you think was a villain with a point? And please, please, don’t just post a name of a villain (or worst, a list of names) with no further comment. Please? Thank you.

Magneto seems to be a classic example. If I have this right, he survived the Holocaust (tattooed number on arm) and saw that non-Mutants would be afraid of mutants and was trying to stave off another genocide. His methods often were terrible, but he had a point.

Thanos’ was too stupid. There would have been a population explosion shortly after he did what he did. It was at best a dumb & temporary solution.

During the exchange between Count Dooku and Obi-wan after he is captured, I kept thinking, ‘the Count is right, is there going to be a twist here’. Nope, just plot hole and poor writing.

John Doe’s rant in the back of the police car in Seven made some sense. I would have gone about it differently, but he wasn’t completely wrong about the corruption of human potential and dignity in the modern world. He’s mad society at large allows and facilitates it.

Hotlips Hoolihan from the movie MASH. Sure she was a buzzkiller but she had a point about discipline and efficiency in their unique situation. Also, she wasnt nearly as reprehensible as Robert Duvalls Frank Burns.

Was she really a villain though. I would say she was only an antagonist.

This quote pretty much explains the difference.

A villain is someone who is explicitly evil, while an antagonist is simply a character whose intentions conflict with those of the protagonist (the main character).

You are absolutely right. I should have named Frank Burns because he was exponentially more evil than Hotlips. Margaret simply took her job too seriously. She was redeemed in the end too. Frank was a religious hypocrite and dangerous to others.

The principal in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is usually brought up in discussions like these. Bueller was a troublemaking truant and the principal was just doing his job. Although, going about it somewhat obsessively.

The Wicked Witch of the West is kind of another. Her sister gets killed, and all she wants is to collect her dead sister’s belongings, as next of kin. That manipulative witch bitch Glinda was the real villain of The Wizard of Oz- she sends Dorothy on a wild goose chase that could have easily led to her death, and at the end said, “psych! you already had the power to go home the whole time”.

As proven in How It Should Have Ended.

The general in the Nick Cage - Sean Connery camp classic The Rock. He threatened to shoot a missle loaded with nerve gas or whatever at San Fran unless the government paid the families of servicemen who died in secret missions and were then disavowed, the compensation they deserved.

Of course this was covered by Cracked – there was a different version some years ago that had a lot more text and ultimately determined that Sauron was unfairly maligned: all he really wanted was a proper homeland for the orcs and uruk-hai.

In a lot of “French Foreign Legion” movies, and “Northwest Frontier of India” movies, the villains want independence for their countries from colonial imperialism.

OK…rewatching MASH Hotlips is really more of a victim than anything else. Thank you for helping me fight my ignorance. In MASH it seems like everyone is a villain in some way.

Marsellus Wallace “That’s your pride fucking with you” speech. Although, I think “ego” would be more accurate than “pride”. (Pulp Fiction)

When Q introduced Picard and friends to the Borg.

I think that sums it up. Houlihan had to put up with a lot of abuse for trying to do her job. She was only guilty of associating with that turd Major Burns. Unlike Burns, she was competent.

One that is brought up frequently (by Patton Oswalt, in particular) is Cypher from the Matrix. All the guy wanted was to be put back into the system. Would you prefer living in the hellhole that the real world is, or the Matrix?

Norman in the Star Trek episode “I, Mudd” - all he wants to do is spread peace throughout the galaxy and give everyone near-immortality, but Kirk just blows it up because humanity was meant to suffer, or something stupid like that.

It would have been the end of humanity. No progress, no free will. Kirk was right.

But I guess he did have a point at least.

BTW: I like your username, funny pun.

Yeah but Cypher wasn’t a villain because he wanted back into the Matrix. He was a villain because he betrayed and murdered his friends. Every villain has a point if the point is only “I want nice things.” Even your standard mad scientist of the “With my army of atomic supermen I shall rule the world” type would have a point. It’s good to be the king, after all. But Killmonger, Magneto and even Thanos have points beyond “I want power and riches.” Hell, Darth Vader wants to bring order to the galaxy and end this pointless war.

Galactus, Jaws, every single vampire. People gotta eat.

Skynet seems to genuinely want to reduce human error.