Vince Vaughn is hosting Letterman!

Last week was all repeats. Whoopi Goldberg hosted last night. Tonight it’s Vince.

What’s up with Dave? I thought he was out for a minor eye irritation. It’s taking a long time to recover.

Vince is doing terrific! Best of the four guest hosts yet (Bruce Willis, John McEnroe, Whoopi, Vince)

Anybody else watching?

You missed the best of the guest hosts - Regis was on the night after Mac. Of course, Regis has more practice at that sort of thing.

But they all suck compared to Dave.

I want Dave back. :frowning:

Now, dammit!

I thought Vince Vaughn did pretty well, which surprised me as I don’t care for his acting.

Tangent, Dave is out with shingles; he’s currently expected to be back next week.

Wednesday’s host: Will Ferrell. Thursday: Elvis Costello. Or I may have that backwards. Either way, it should be interesting.

Oh yeah! I DID see a little of Regis hosting one night–I’d forgotten about that. He was good, too.

Something about Vince Vaughn’s humor and delivery always cracks me up, though. He seemed pretty natural. I didn’t see the beginning of tonight’s show, though, so I don’t know how well he handled the monologue and any comedy bits.

Will Ferrell’s hosting tonight? Really?

I never thought I’d say this but I need a TIVO. Now.

I’m fairly sure that tonight is Elvis Costello and Thursday is Will Ferrell. Friday’s host is unannounced as of yet.

Yeah, Will Ferrell was last night (Thursday.) He was actually pretty good! I tuned into Rege and one or two of the other guest hosts, they sucked.

So why is Dave out, again? An eye infection? Or is he really off brokering a US/Iraq peace agreement, like Chris Rock said last night?