Vincent Gallo's motorcycle racing career

Most of the biographies available of Vincent Gallo claim that he was a competitive motorcycle racer in the 1980s. But I can find no actual proof of it. An extremely exaggerated and satirical “self-interview” written by Gallo states:

"Kenny Roberts, Formula 1 motorcycle racing champion of the '70s and '80s watched Vincent a lot at the race tracks during the '80s when Vincent raced Formula 2 for Yamaha. Roberts was once quoted as saying, “That Italian kid races fast and smooth. He could be a champ if he wanted to…You won 88 trophies racing motorcycles.”

There is also a helmet and gloves, supposedly worn in a race by Gallo, for sale at his website.

But is there any actual record from any of the official motorcycle races where Gallo’s name shows up? Is he recorded as having won or placed in specific races on specific dates?

I’m beginning to wonder if his career as a motorcycle racer might be exaggerated or fabricated outright.

I wouldn’t trust that slime if I saw him win a race with my own eyes.