Violence During Olympic Games

There has been some news about Apolo Ohno touching/pushing Francois-Louis Tremblay before Tremblay fell. Ohno was disqualified.

Does anyone know what happens in the Olympics if there is more overt violence during a race (summer or winter games)?

What if during the 1500m final of any race, swim, etc, the French Olympian turns around and completely decks “that filthy English pig-dog” British Olympian.

Does it just suck for the British guy who comes in last place? Do they do the race over?

Dunno, but if you screw up badly enough, you could be banned for life: Matos faces lifetime ban after kicking referee following match - ESPN

Well, at the 1956 Olympics (in the wake of the Hungarian Uprising) the Hungarian and Soviet water polo teams fought in the pool. The police cleared the hostile crowd, and no one was actually disciplined.

It would be unlikely for the race to be done over, but the people involved can be disqualified.

I don’t know about actual fighting, but if you’re Zola Budd, you get disqualified, then reinstated, then banned because of your association with South Africa, then reinstated, then you quit taking part in international competition.

That’s fine for the puncher to be disqualified, but it does nothing for the punchee who was going on second and is now a DNF.

Alas, that’s how it works in Formula One racing (and most motorsports). If someone fouls, they get disciplined but it is tough nuggets for the victims.

Hard to imagine how it could be any other way, at least in a sport in which there are many competitors participating at the same time, for example a race. Would you have all of them including the victim do the race over again?

That could well lead to a person fouling deliberately if teammate was in second but might win a re-race.

Oh, I agree absolutely. Just pointing out how it happens in other sports, which I hope is tangentially useful to the OP.

Formula One has seen the whole spectrum of possible abuses to those rules. People crashing into their title challengers to secure the status quo. People parking in the middle of the road to halt a session. You name it, it has been done with all different degrees of success and penalizations. There is simply no alternative to the system so you gotta make it work any way you can.

I think it’s a mistake to think there is an Olympics-wide policy. Ohno was disqualified for his action as a speed-skater, not as an Olympian. Every sport has its own rules and the penalties for breaking them.