I know violence never solves anything but people still use it. I saw a fight in school between two girls over a guy. I think that’s a silly thing to fight over. I would like to know, what would posses anyone to fight over a guy or girl?

I dont know but this one time in my High School
these two chicks were goin at it, and one got out a wooden brush and started to beat the other with it.

Blood everywhere, gross.

Violence Sucks.

Violence begets violence, it’s true, but sometimes it’s the only thing that will work.

It’s sad, but it’s a true statement that sometimes, the only thing you can get someone to respect is that fact that they are physically vulnerable to you in one way or another.

I’m not a violent person (anymore…) but I know that it’s there, and if I have to, I can be again… but it must be a good reason, if for no other fact that the line is soooo fine.

If violence never solved anything then people would use it. The sad truth is that violence can often times be used to get what one wants. While I’d never get into a fist fight for the affection of a female when I was in high school I’d have beat the snot out of any guy that was calling her names.


I have frequently used violence to solve problems, and have hundreds of times seen violence to solve problems. The threat of violence also is quite usefull at times.

You can’t trust violence.

Then again, I just watched Fight Club for the first time, so I feel like kicking some ass, or getting kicked. Either way. But I’ll probably go to sleep instead.

There are stupid uses of violence–such as fighting over a guy, as in the OP–but there are also legitimate uses as well. Self defense, for instance–if someone committs violence upon you, then violence in return is certainly warranted.

(The police? They’ll come and visit with you in Intensive Care. Turning the other cheek? Just gets that cheek hit as well. From the Eagles’ song “Doolin-Dalton,” which I heard long before I went to law school:

Throw down your law books now,
they’re no damn good.

Sometimes that’s true.)

Nazi Germany wasn’t defeated by good wishes; it was defeated because the Allies bombed and shot it to death–violence certainly solved that problem. Maybe in a perfect world no one would ever have to use violence…but this ain’t no perfect world.