Viral contagion

Cece is just wrong. For many a viral crud you are most contagious a day or more before clinical symptoms occurs … a week for parainfluenza, and through peak symptoms.

Source- American Academy of Pediatrics “Red Book” 2003 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases.

Update before you repost old stuff please.

What’s to update?

Before clinical symptoms includes before any cliniccal symptoms. Including feeling coming down with something. The intent of the question was whether or not you are contagious before you could possibly know that you are sick. The answer is a definite yes. Laying low when you are achey isn’t going to prevent you from spreading the disease.

Well, if you are contagious before any symptoms, even the mild “feeling that you’re coming down with something”, how can you possibly avoid spreading the disease?

You don’t even know you have it yet, and you have no symptoms, so you feel just like you do every other day. Should we isolate ourself every day just in case we may have some disease we don’t know about?

No, of course not. But instead recognize the limits of isolating those with viral cruds (not talkin Herpes here). There is a certain amount of fatalism that is appropriate: if you are out in the world then you are going to get exposed to the creeping crud no matter how much you try to avoid it. Either stay home or accept that fact. Don’t blame Aunt Betsy for bringing Timmy to the family party with the sniffles because you may have caught it from someone who wasn’t even tinglin yet.