Virginia Beach vacation question

We’ll be spending a week in VA Beach at the end of the month. Never been there before. There will be 11 of us, and while we will mostly be cooking at the house, we’ll likely want to eat out once or twice. It will be 4 adults and 7 kids (age 3 - 13.) Can anyone recommend a good restaurant? Looking for casual, kid-friendly, but decent food. Trying to avoid chains and would like to try something local. Thanks!

My brother in law lives in Virgina Beach and he took us to Chicks Oyster Bar. The food is pretty good and the kids might enjoy seeing the boats pull up.

Thanks, DrumBum, that looks good.

If you want to blow a fair amount of money, Captain Georges is a seafood buffet that is pretty decent. A bit heard on the blood chemistry, but as a one time treat rather nice.

In Norfolk there is a bar with very good food called MJ’s. Its not really a bar bar, but more of a restaurant that has a bar in it. I saw a few families in there eating when I was there earlier this year. The place is clean, well lit, and has a very friendly staff. I’m 90% sure that it was on Granby but I could be mistaken.

Plenty of good seafood places around the low numbered streets. Some old time local favorites (more nightlife than fine dining) are The Raven and The Jewish Mother. There is a place on the pier (around 17th st) that is OK and it is over the water which is cool. None of these are great food but they are fun and the’ve been around a long time.

Sadly, the old Jewish Mother no longer exists - they are in a new building in the Hilltop area. Just not the same. :frowning:

I like The Raven, but the food is really … average.

Will you be at the oceanfront?

Try Rudee’s on the Inlet - food is good and the location is spectacular, plus they have a kids’ menu, which helps keep the prices down:

Aww! I was only there a few years, wasn’t a beach hound, but even I appreciated the JM. Damn.

We’ll be staying in the Sandbridge area.

That’s a whole nother thing. Not much in the way of restaurants the last time I was in Sandbridge, which was a while ago. I’ve heard good things about Blue Pete’s but I’ve never been there.

I didn’t figure there’d be much immediately near the rental house (that’s one of the reasons we chose the area…) Driving up to the busy area won’t be a problem though.

The Sandbridge area, in addition to Blue Pete’s, has Margie and Ray’s:

Rudee’s (which I mentioned in my earlier post) is about 12 miles north of where you are staying - most restaurants are going to be up that way.

20+ years ago when I lived in Tidewater last the drive to sandbridge sucked arse. It had a single long 2 lane access road that around commute time turned into a parking lot. Nice if you are not trying to get anywhere twice a day, but it also turns into a parking lot in tourist season from people wanting to hit the beach there.

Is the dome house still there or has it been torn down for something less quirky?

We are here. We’re having a great time. We went to M&R’s last night. It was average. I enjoyed my meal, but my wife and brother did not care for their food. However, today my brother and I went out to the store around lunch time and stopped at Lucky Oysters. It’s in a strip mall and looks like a chain joint, but it turns out it’s not. Anyway, it was Sunday brunch and they had a make-your-own bloody Mary bar which was awesome ($3.99 each!), and really fresh oysters. We’ll probably bring the whole crew there for dinner one night. We may try some of the other spots recommended if we get a chance. Growing up as a Jersey shore guy, and now living not far from Myrtle Beach, VA Beach is very similar. I’m glad we’re in Sandbridge. Great beach across the street, and close enough to visit the boardwalk area but far away enough to escape it too.

My fav. VA Beach place to eat is Saffron, but that’s one of the “nicer” Indian restaurants out by that side of the water. Much better than the Nawabs, and Rajputs out there. However, dunno how kid friendly it is.

The wife and I love Indian food, but I’m afraid the 7 kids we’re dragging around don’t. Bu thanks for the suggestion.

Dang. Only just now saw this thread. Well, if you ever make it back to Hampton Roads, be sure to go to Doumar’s on 21st Street in Norfolk. I love the Egg-o-Doumar sandwich and their limeades. And their ice cream cones, of course, are legendary.

I just saw this too. My recommendation would be Pollard’s Chicken.