Virginia Interstates

On the on-ramp to interstate highways in Virginia, there are signs stating what isn’t allowed on the highway. I can’t quote it verbatim, but one thing not allowed is “self-propelled machinery”.

Isn’t that a description of an automobile?

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters…

AS above…DUH!

Uh, Adolph? We don’t “DUH” each other very often in this forum.

When we do, we generally make sure that the answer is, well, correct.

Self-propelled machinery refers primarily to farm equipment such as threshers that can move on their own, but really ought to be on the back roads when moving from place to place.

Thanks, Mannie, I had forgotten that bicycles are already spelled out on the signs…

yeah, I think BF is mistaken. scooters etc like automobiles, would be self propelled vehicles, not self propelled machinery which probably refers to bulldozers, front end loaders, agricultural machinery like combines, and other machinery whose primary function is as a machine and not as a vehicle for transportation.

I think West Virginia has similar signage on their interstate entrances (I don’t live there). What I recall wondering about during my travels there was the one proscribed item that really stood out to me: “motor-driven cycles”. To a lay person such as myself, that sounded like a motorcycle. It was only much later that I found out that there’s a significant legal distinction between the two.