Virus on Computer?

Lately my computer has been going very slow. When my computer starts up, you see 2 programs, one is called Ibuster and the other is gbuster.
The thing is back then i had to x both boxes when computer starts up and i see it. Now… it shows up then goes away. Its gbuster 1.0 or something like that. The other one is IBUSTER.
Anyone know anything about these 2 processes/virus?

Can you remove those programs? Have you tried? Have you run MSCONFIG and tried to disable them? If you can’t, they’re probably malware.

when i go to remove programs, i dont see it. I think these are not shown…

Do they show in the startup menu in MSCONFIG? If so, can you disable them, then reboot? Do they come back?

Try this list:

Download the free program Malwarebytes.
It’s a good idea to run this on your PC to avoid malware problems.

Download the right bit-version (32 or 64) of Windows Defender Offlineand install it onto either a USB flash drive or a CD-R. It will make it bootable, so make sure your BIOS is set to see a bootable CD or USB, then boot from it and let it scan your hard drive (can take hours). It should be able to find & remove the bad software. I’ve had good results with this because it isolates the infected hard disk making it much easier to detect and clean…