Virus question

Hi all! This might sound odd, but I want to test out my new Norton Antivirus software, and see exactly what it does when you get an attachment in your e-mail that contains a virus. (I am a Network Admin, and I want to see what my endusers will see). How can I get someone (just one person is all I need) to forward me a virus containing e-mail? I’m not going to open the attachment or anything, I just want to see the alert and how it deals with getting an e-mail of this nature.



There is a standard line of test code you can use. I think you can get it from the NOrton or McAfee site.

It’s called the EICAR test file:"eicar+test+file"

Yeah, it’s actually just a line of text:


Paste that into a text file, and save with an extension your virus checker will pick up (eg .com). The virus checker should react as though it was a virus.

Thanks guys!
I appreciate it.

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