Visit Copenhagen or Stockholm?

The last thread I found about this was 10 years old, so I think a new one isn’t unjustified. :wink:

I’m graduating soon and my girlfriend wants to take me on a trip to Europe in late May. We’ve narrowed it down to Copenhagen and Stockholm. The Stockholm package is a little cheaper, but my internet searches have resulted in most people recommending Copenhagen.

I’m 36, she’s 43, and we’ll be spending 5 days at our destination. What do you all think?

Been to both. Liked Copenhagen a wee bit more. Both expensive. There is a Resisitance Museum in Copenhagen that’s worth a look. Take eye shades. That’s all I got.

I’ve sat here for about ten minutes going back and forth between the two. They are both great cities with plenty to see and do. I’m slightly leaning towards Copenhagen. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a great time!

I would say Copenhagen. They are both lovely, but Copenhagen just shades it. Dining out in Tivoli is magical.

Copenhagen is gorgeous, and has better weather. I travel there nearly every year.

Stockholm is beautiful too. I’ll ne there this summer.

Do both! A few years ago for my girlfriend’s 40th we flew to Stockholm, spent 3 days there then took the train to Copenhagen, spent 3 days there and flew home from there. The train takes about 5 hours. The scenery is interesting if you really really like pine forests. :slight_smile:

I have been thinking of going to Copenhagen since i saw it on The Amazing Race. Is there a good time of year to go, climate wise? I imagine it is cold this time of year (which would explain why flights were much cheaper than I expected when I just looked them up…).

I’ve spent a day in each city, and they’re both pretty nice.
Unless you have some specific attraction to one or the other, (eg. you’re a diehard Hans Christian Anderson and absolutely must see the little mermaid statue) toss a coin and go.

Or take the ferry across from Göthenburg to Frederikshavn. Just don’t drive it in winter. Ice is not fun, even on studded tires.

Both cities are nice. It depends on what you want to see and do. Either way, you can’t lose.

Copenhagen is more relaxed, Stockholm is more beautiful.

I’d recommend Copenhagen, being a self-loathing Swede. :wink:

Danish People’s Party>Swedish Democrats, therefore Copenhagen.

The Danes gave us the Danish ( well the Austrians really, but Vienna isn’t on your list ).

The Swedes gave us Swedish Fish.

I’d vote Copenhagen ;).

My girlfriend would like to know which has better food? And she doesn’t like seafood.

We were in Copenhagen for 3 days (we rented an apartment using AirBnB before our cruise) and loved it. We were in Stockholm for only one day, and saw the Vasa Museum and the changing of the guards, and loved it also.
In Copenhagen we took a canal boat ride (which also goes into the harbor) went to a historical museum - lots of cool Viking and before stuff, and went to the Copenhagen museum which was close to our apartment and had a great trash exhibit. we also did a free walking tour. Worst thing about Copenhagen is The Little Mermaid (I’m not alone in this opinion) which is not nearly as interesting as the pictures make it out to be.
We’re definitely going back to Stockholm to see more, but I think we’ll spend more time in Copenhagen also. So you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose.

Yes it is expensive - though we didn’t eat out much - but our tour guide came from Oslo and laughed at how cheap she found everything.

The Resistance Museum, sadly, is temporarily closed. There was a fire - almost all of the artifacts (“everything irreplaceable”) were saved, but the buildings were lost. The new building isn’t expected to open until 2018.

That being said, Copenhagen - in my mind - wins by a very slight margin. Then again, I am a Dane.

I have a friend who has worked in both cities, and he liked Copenhagen better. I don’t know if this is true as a general rule, but he found the people there to be a little friendlier than the Swedes. I think he thought the people in both cities were very polite, but more convivial in Copenhagen.

Swedes are more reserved than Danes, in my experience, but Danes are not necessarily friendlier.

You should go to Stockholm. Even if you don’t like it at first, eventually you’ll like it.

No, that’s Helsinki.