Visiting Miami: Advice on where (not) to stay, what (not) to see?

We’re headed to Miami for a few days this spring, and I’m wondering if anybody can offer good advice on places to stay (or avoid) and things to do and see (or avoid). Oh, on the avoid list, you can skip telling me to avoid Pro Player Stadium. The tickets are already bought. :slight_smile:

Planning on stopping at Kennedy Space Center on the way down or back, assuming they are still giving tours.

Thanks in advance!

Two things I would recommend is trying some of the local Cuban cuisine, and two of the best examples are:

Latin American Cafeteria and I would recommend the Coral Way branch specifically.

And if you can swing it try:

Venetian Pool

Of course it goes without saying that the beaches are a must, and you like to partake in some nude sunbathing or look at some nude sunbathers try:

Haulover Beach

Here’s a Miami Dopefest thread from a while back that has a lot of links in the OP courtesty of Geobabe.

Well, heck, if you’re gonna stop by Venetian Pool, swing on over to Casa GeoBill, since it’s just around the corner from us. Drop either one of us a line if you’re interested in getting together while you’re here.

Well allow me to turn green with jealousy. Just a couple of days ago, I was talking to the Hammer-babe about how sometimes I just feel like hopping in the car and doing a road trip to Miami Beach just so that I could go that wonderful Argentine restaurant Las Vacas Gordas. Oh, to have the mixed grill again, with the blood pudding, sweetbreads, and chitlins!

And even if those cuts don’t appeal to you, I would highly recommend it for its other cuts. Everything was excellent.

Miami Beach is also home to the second largest freshwater lake in Florida (after Okeechobee)–the swimming pool at the Fontainebleau.