Visiting Montreal

I’m in Kingston, NY at the mo’ and hoping to visit Montreal either this weekend or the next. Anything special I shouldn’t miss, any secret places the Dopers have the scoop on? Let me know!

I love looking at churches and I really enjoyed St Patrick’s Basilica, Notre Dame Basilica and St Joseph’s Oratory.

Details here.

Well, there’s lots of stuff to see and do, foremost being the food. You can find all kinds of foods for every budget in Montreal. But I guess, you want more touristy stuff to see, so…

I would suggest a walking tour of Old Montreal . Maybe, weather permitting, a visit to Mount Royal park.

If weather is iffy (common at this time of year), maybe a visit to the Biodome and the Botanical Garden or a tour of Montreal’s metro (courtesy of our own matt_mcl).

If you want more specific, please let me know.

If you make it weekend after next, I can tour guide…

Oh, and second the churches. My favourite are Notre Dame Basilica, then Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, then St. Patrick’s Basilica, then the Oratory - all of which are among Canada’s most stunning religious buildings (the Oratory is the largest church in Canada.)

Everybody’s said all the good stuff. :wink:

Les jardins botaniques, le Biodome, the churches, the museums…

Go for a horse-drawn carriage ride, you won’t regret it. The metro is fantastic.

And if you get the chance, just wander about the city–it’s a beautiful, vibrant, gorgeous place.

Another vote for Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral. Its opulence is indescribable.

Also, it is just half a block from the Subway restaurant where I work, and give 40% discounts to all hungry Dopers. The secret phrase is: “Cecil wears blue shoes”. :wink:

Don’t forget Victoria Street :wink:

This weekend is totally out, but maybe we could get together for dinner or, even better, lunch, if you come next weekend?

**I miss Montreal! ** :frowning:

Well, *not the part about my family or the in-laws living there, * :stuck_out_tongue: the actual city: good souvlaki at Arahova on St-Viateur just off St-Laurent, szechuan and Hot & Spicy’s General Tao chicken (and Mandarin beef, and Sesame Shrimp and…), not to mention the Piment Rouge. Single Malts english ales at Alexandre’s (on Peel?). The McGill campus. The Jazz and Just-For-Laughs fests. Actual people & life downtown. A kiss on both cheeks for greetings even casual friends (Try doing that in Ontario or Alberta! You’ll only do it once :smack: :smiley: ) All the great restaurants in Old Montreal on those tiny streets like rue St-Paul. Good Indian food in the mall food courts (Place de la Cathedrale?)

Have a good time Mississippienne!

Can I trade someone a mountain or two for some good general tao?

I’m currently in Plattsburgh, NY about an hour from Montreal. I’m planning on taking the bus into the city tomorrow and bouncing around till Monday.

Unfortunately, due to something called Make a Difference Day, I am unable to visit Montreal next weekend. Americorps requires me to participte in MaDD as part of my service. But I appreciate the offers, **LaurAnge ** and matt_mcl.

Hah hah! Im here in good olMontreal. Everythings very grey and wet and French. Even that little pop-up screen when you sign into the SDMB, you know the one, it asks you if you want to save the password, is in French. Livejournals patron goat Frank says: “Bêhhh” instead of Bahhh.

Hot diggity damn!

Hope you’re having a good time - sorry for the lousy weather. It’s so much prettier here on a sunny day!

I’m home again! My trip to Montreal was incredible. Notre Dame Cathedral was awe-inspiring. Everyone smokes pot on Mont-Royal, very curious. Me like pretty frenchiboys. smooch


You must have passed by during the tam-tams, then. Very… spiritual, no? I’ve been a couple of times with friends and never really got into it because I don’t do the pot thing, but watching a bunch of people dance to the drumbeats is really awesome.

So where else did you go? Bring back any fun souvenirs?

Souvenirs? Let’s see, I snuck a photo of the inside of Notre Dame, bought a cheesy “Canada” T-shirt, and got the digits of a young man named Julien. :smiley: