Visiting Russia

I don’t know if this is the correct forum, if not I apologise.

Anyway I’ve had a long standing interest in the Cold War and because of this its been running through my mind lately to take a holiday to Russia but I have no idea where to start running with this idea and I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

I bought a Russian language book but unfortunately a change in job has left me with no time for practicing it.

I’m in the UK btw


I studied in Moscow when I was in University and later lived in Siberia. In Moscow, there is an official KGB museum where you can see Gary Powers’ flight suit among other attractions. In one of the Baltic states (I forget which) there is an unofficial KGB museum where former prisoners tell you about their time in the Gulag and you can see instruments of torture. Of course in while in Moscow, you have to see Lenin’s tomb and Red Square. I would advise getting your visa before you go through a reputable visa processing service, it is (or used to be) a huge pain to get one on arrival.