Vista 'Disable desktop composition' does nothing for one shortcut.

I have 3ds max 9 which only works properly if Aero is turned off.

I know that to turn aero off for one program is simply a case of checking ‘disable desktop composition’ in the compatability tab. This works fine for other shortcuts that I try (screen goes blank for a sec, I get a message to the effect that display settings have been changed… and then aero turns off) but seems to do nothing for this one shortcut… It just loads the app while Aero is still on.

The app works properly if I manually switch off the aero before running it… but this is an ugly way to use an app.

I think your underlying premise is flawed: “disable desktop composition” is not the same as disabling Aero. (Microsoft says that that option “Turns off transparency and other advanced display features.”) I’d think that one of the compatibility modes (such as Windows XP SP2) would be more appropriate.

These don’t work. I’m pretty sure the disabling of the transparency would do it.

And when an app that does work with disable desktop composition comes on the info bar says’ windows color scheme has changed to windows vista basic’
edit: And if I start another app that does work with ddc and then start the first app (the one that won’t activate it) the first app works properly… So I know it would work with ddc if it would just activate it.

it’s a 64 bit app if that’s any help (64bit OS too)