Vista, ubuntu, my new $2000 'puter, and fuck

Yeah, that’s another good plan. Frag it, then reinstall something.

So there’s no way to boot this thing without a hard drive? That doesn’t sound like good design at all.

Do I now have to test this on new PC’s? Take a boot CD with me to the store to make sure it’ll boot from the CD?

That’s my plan, but first I must download and burn many and various things of which we may not mention here. Thank Og it still boots from cd.

Sad thing is, it’s a really sexy machine, when it’s working.

Thanks, y’all.

Wait, so it does boot from a CD? Why can’t you just run CHKDSK and let it clean up the MBR? Sorry, I hope I’m not being obtuse, but am I missing something?

Ultimate Boot CD. Been a lifesaver for all my Linux/Windows interaction issues. Go to boot managers, then super grub disk, then play around to try and find your windows installation. It should boot from the disk. If it’s just an MBR problem, you can use Ubuntu to rewrite GRUB. I usually just guess around with all the options until I get it right. You can’t really screw it up more than what you’ve already done. Worst case scenario, nuke it and reinstall like everyone else is suggesting.

And honestly, you’ve got a real serial number. I wouldn’t feel too bad about that illegal thing when it’s just data, and not the rights to it.

Microsoft doesn’t care what your install source is as long as you have a legit key. Just make sure you use the same version of Windows your computer actually came with. So if was Home Premium don’t choose Ultimate during setup or your key won’t work.