Visual Basic Tutorial!

Ok, to start off, I just recently bought VBC++6.0, VB6.0, Visual FoxPro 6.0, and Visual InterDev6.0 I’ve already searched on this site, and only came up with questions from experienced users. I would really like to get some sort of tutorial from any of who responds (via e-mail) or get a link to a website that could help. BTW, I’m going along on the game area (Me having RPGM2000 is very helpful, it taught me how to connect variables and such, but now im ready for more.) So, I’ll be here, waiting for you humble opinion. :slight_smile: Thanks.

At a guess, you just spent $1200 on software. Spend another $25 on one of the “Teach Yourself Visual <pick a language> In 21 Days” books. They’re good, and will get you to the point of knowing what questions you want answered. That would be the point at which it might make sense to ask for help, here or elsewhere. I know of a lot of VB/VC sites, but none that offer a full tutorial.

And, I would start with VB or VC++. Foxpro is an oddball, even among databases, and Interdev has limited uses.

What about compilers? Do they come with any of these mentioned?

If you don’t know any programming language, both C++ and Basic suck. I highly recommend you start off with Java, Python, Smalltalk or a similar OOP.

IMO, you should have picked up VisualStudio.NET. Not only is VB.NET (or C# for that matter…) even easier to learn, it’s much more relevant. There’s a very good chance that the market for VB6 coders without any experience in VB.NET will completely disappear very soon. If you want to learn programming start with VB.NET, you can learn it very quickly; I gave a book of it to my 55 year old mother and she picked it up in a few days.

I’ve seen versions of VS.NET sell for less than $US100.

Umm…you just spent about $1200 on compilers. You own all you need already.