Visual graphic/display of evolutionary progress chain...?

Richard Dawkins once wrote a passage, quoted below

Hope that’s not too large a portion to quote.

My question is, has anyone ever seen a graphical representation of this chain, mother to daughter, from modern human back to shared ancestor and forward to modern chimpanzee? It seems like the sort of thing that would be well suited to facial manipulation software and touch screen devices that can quickly flick through multiple changing images, so was wondering if something like this currently exists out there? I’ve had no joy searching for it, so thought I’d ask.

It would be even more awesome if you could pick the species to ‘roll’ between, but that may be asking a bit much! Thanks.

Isn’t the example mistaken, though? Chimpanzee generations are shorter than human generations, so you’d reach the coast before you got to modern chimps.

Modern chimps have -what, an average generation of 24 years, compared to humans with 29 years presently. If we allow for size differential (less space per chimp-descendant) then it’s near as dammit, really, only a few thousand generations out… close enough for metaphorical work! :slight_smile:

300 miles at 1760 yards/mile, he is saying there’s 528,000 generations between us and “the other sister”. IIRC that’s what, 3 million years ago? (or as it 6 million?) fairly short generations.

Keep in mind that a lot of the “ancestors” in the fossil record may not be actual members of the chain but additional branches. their time and place simply help us to determine what the chain members were similar to.

half a million faces? 5,000 seconds is close to an hour and a half. So even 100 generations a second would make for an incredibly boring feature-length film. plus, we may have some “spot check” fossil records, but there’s debate as to speed of evolution - punctuated or gradual? Would we see a smooth morph or a series of sudden changes over a few hundred generations, followed by relative stasis for quite a while. As mentioned, too, we know nothing about chimp evolution.

We know a lot and we also know nothing. The movie would be more guesswork than anything.

Pack them in tighter. But then we’d lose the property that cousins n-th removed would face each other. That or make them swim! :slight_smile:

Also, they’d match up rather closely until relatively recently, wouldn’t they?