Vitamin D deficiency

So I had my annual check up last week, and I asked my doctor if she could add a vitamin B12 test because I had been very fatigued lately. She said no problem, and also recommended a vitamin D test.

So the results come back:
Vitamin B12 comfortably in the middle of the normal range.

However, my vitamin D is almost non-existent, so she has me on 2000 international units a day and is going to recheck in 8 weeks.

My question (I know you aren’t my doctor and I am currently seeing a physician), how long until I can see improvement in my fatigue levels? Should I see signs of improvement before the 8 week retest? (I hope I hope).

It seems like most people in the northern hemisphere have low Vitamin D levels in winter. I went through the same thing as you and I don’t think there was much improvement in my fatigue levels while I was taking the supplement.

Some people just have trouble holding onto D … I take D regularly, and make sure to go outside barring rain or snow 10-15 minutes a day for sunlight and I am almost always seriously low on D when I get my bloodwork done every 3 months.

Heck. I live in South Florida and drive a convertible. I have to take 2000IU of vitamin D to be within the recommended range. (We tried 1000IU, and my doctor wasn’t happy with the results. Although I do have a longer commute these days…)

I searched around for vitamin D deficiency symptoms (I have it too) but fatigue doesn’t seem to be one of them.

Hmm, I wonder if that means I’m bordering on Osteomalacia, because:

And my doctor did predict the deficiency, I really thought it was going to be a B12 deficiency.

Maybe your D isn’t tenacious enough.

I see what you did there. ::golf clap::

It might be a placebo effect or something but I feel like I have more energy during winters now that I take vitamin D supplements. Wiki says “Hypovitaminosis D is also considered a risk factor for the development of depressive symptoms in older persons.” so there might be something to it.

Have you been tested for anemia? Anemia can cause great fatigue. Do you have fatigue upon wakening or do you wake up refreshed and get fatigued as the day goes on?

It’s usually a late onset, starting in the afternoon and getting worse until I finally lay down and go to sleep. An hour nap before dinner and I’m usually good to go until bed time. Their have been a couple times the before dinner nap turned into a 12 hour sleep though.

I’ll ask my Dr. about an anemia check next visit.

Sleep apnea can also cause fatigue, since your body is basically interrupting its own sleep all the time.


I’m always low on D and have to supplement. In some vague way, it does make me feel better. How scientific, eh.

Good idea, but most routine bloodwork will include a complete blood count (CBC) and hemoglobin test - your doctor would probably already know if you have abnormal blood cells or a decreased hemoglobin level.

Oh, I was looking for an Iron test, not a hemoglobin test. Yeah, my hemoglobin is well within normal range.

Holy shit does it ever. I typically sleep on my stomach or side, and don’t really snore or have apnea.

However, after my recent surgery I had to sleep on my back for a while, and I was constantly super tired and fatigued, and my wife said I snored really loudly and gasped, etc…

So when it was reasonably comfortable, I switched back to side/stomach sleeping, and it’s a 180 degree turnaround. No more falling asleep at random or being super-tired all the time.

I too am vitamin D deficient as well as over half the population. Since it has been put on the general screening blood test, it is being found all the time. However, it usually doesn’t lead to fatigue but increases your risks of certain diseases.