Viva Las Vegas...uh, has it really been 64 hours since I've seen the sun?

I flew to Vegas this week for a work retreat.

I arrived at the Planet Hollywood Resort on Sunday at 4:30p, went to our opening-night reception, then crashed for the night.

The next day our work session went from 9am til 6:30 pm. Afterward, I hit the casino buffet with some co-workers, had a few beers while watching about 2 dozen big-screen basketball and baseball games in a hotel bar, then crashed for the night.

The next day, our work session went from 9 am til 5:30 pm. Afterward, I ordered room service, took a nap, headed to the Hawaiian Tropics bar, which is in the hotel. Hung out there while ogling the ladies and drinking beers for a few hours. Then I headed back to my room to crash for the night, as I had a semi-early flight to catch the next day.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I hadn’t breathed fresh air for more than two-and-a-half days. Incidentally, I gambled only $1. It was while I was waiting for my co-workers outside the buffet. I put it in the 2-cent slot machine; I was up 60 cents at one point, but ended up gambling it right away.

Wow. Was that a boring Vegas story or what?

Amateur. :smiley:

Jeez, Vegas is merciless these days. A guy sets a $1 limit and they take him for his dollar, some beers AND a buffet.

The NGC needs to clean that place up.

But considering that I didn’t gamble or go see any shows, I can’t believe how much friggin’ loot I dropped in just over two days.

What happened in Vegas should be staying in Vegas. The Nevada State Tourism Bureau has issued a warrent for your arrest.

Sorry to hear you lost your $1.00 while gaming in Las Vegas.
That is so rare.
People never lose here.

I saw the first few words of the thread title and thought you were calling for me. :wink:

I understand, really. Hell, when I went to a two-night conference in San Francisco, we had breakfast, meetings, lunch, meetings, a tiny bit of down time, dinner, and then I was so frakking tired that I ended up in the indoor swimming pool, then cleaning up, watching TV and going to bed.
I saw the inside of the hotel and the airport. Not the city. Sheesh.

Jeez. I swear, if my former company had ever booked some sort of work thing in Vegas and made me work the whole time, I’d be pissed.
As a business owner now, if we make it, I vow to never do that to my people. Except the ones who don’t dig Vegas. I’m sorry for them, but when the boss lady sez go… :smiley: