Vivint vs ADT security, what are your experiences?

I’m confused and not sure which to choose.

PC Mag gives Vivint almost a full 5 stars, excellent rating.

Yet, I see many bad reviews about their customer service, hidden fees, and 5 year contracts.

ADT has similar bad reviews about their customer service. People say their equipment is outdated. But, it’s only a 3 year contract and their monitoring fee is lower.

I’m not interested in a Smart Home. Turning on the lights and locking doors with a phone App doesn’t interest me.

I want a monitored security system with front and rear outdoor cameras. At least 1080 or better resolution with night vision. Cloud storage and a phone App that can enable or disabled the security sytem and view the camera feeds.

What has your experience been with Vivint and ADT?

I just signed up with CenturyLink (internet,tv,phone) and they offer some generous promotional discounts for Vivint. Their ADT package offers little savings. I’d get the same deal calling ADT.

Just an example.
I check ADT’s security camera options.

A 720p camera? : confused: this is 2018?

1080p is the current standard.

ADT is at least 4 years out of date.

I have Vivint FWIW. I don’t have all of the things you are wanting (no cameras), just security on all of the windows, doors, motion detectors and fire alarm integration. The price per month is not bad, I haven’t seen a lot of hidden fees. One complaint I have that maybe will be a feature to some here is that it’s been a bitch getting a hold of a sales rep…I’ve wanted to change my service and add some things, which you’d think would be a snap but every time I’ve called they have said they would call back and haven’t. Other than that I have no real complaints. I haven’t been broken into at least (my anti-tiger protection is equally 100%).

That seems a silly and trivial reason to prefer one security vendor over another. And of course the 1080p video is going to need more storage space.

I’m still trying to decide.

I’m impressed with vivint. But that 5 year contract has me concerned.

ADT seems more focused on traditional security alarms. That’s just the impression I get.

A front door camera is becoming more and more important. There’s so many packages stolen from porches. Especially during the holidays.

We were just talking about “beefing up” our home security situation. For us that means replacing the locks on the four doors (plus garage man-door) so that we could lock our doors. We currently have zero house keys. I’m pretty sure we will not move forward.

At my business I have ADT. Just door/window entry alarms, probably the cheapest setup they offer. Fifteen years of use and the only “alarm” was when an employee punched in the wrong code.

Based on all the videos on You Tube of packages being stolen, having a camera on one’s front porch doesn’t do much to stop theft.

I have Comcast home monitoring with most of the bells and whistles including a camera and speaker on the front porch. I watched a gal steal a package off my porch and told her it was nothing valuable, she didn’t care. I also got a nice picture of her car including the license number, the police really didn’t care. What’s the point?

Have you looked at SimpliSafe?