Voice-collection databases

The Dragon Software app for the Mac (which is spooky good) asks whether it at times can read your contact list and sample your voice to train the software at their end, if you sign off multiple times on it. Plus you can turn off that feature at any time.

I wonder/assume Google voice search has done this, but I forgot if I read one and agreed to it. (Plus you know what they say about “assume.”)

The Bing ap did not, and I hope to hell Microsoft is not doing it w/o my knowledge. Huge corporations that use voice, such as Amex, always announce that you are being recorded “for training and other purposes,” one of which I presume is to train their voice recognition system.

The phone company, on the other hand, has been doing this for years, without any notification.

  1. Why wasn’t/isn’t this illegal?
  2. Do they sell their enormous database of voice samples? I.e., since all corporations are shifting to voice response, is there a market in general for them, as there is for other databases?