Voices in the phone background

Just mere minutes ago, while attempting to call my dad, I heard a crunchy static sound in the background. Given that I’m on a portable phone, perhaps 7 or 8 years in age, it isn’t anything too unusual. I noticed that the farther I reclined, though, that the crackling of the static amplified. Upon nearly inverting the phone, I could hear faint voices that were blending in with the static. It wasn’t loud enough to be comprehensible, but it was clearly human speech, most likely in English. Not to mention it sounded really creepy.

What the hell was this?

Alot of times on a cell phone you can pick up other cell phones or truckers on their cb’s. We listented to a police scanner once and heard illicit lovers talking on their phones. Turns out we knew who they were! I don’t know about land lines but if you are using a portable seems like the same crossed signals might apply. I dunno. :slight_smile:

I bought a $10 phone once that was made in Japan. Everytime I talked on it I could hear a man speaking Japanese in the background. It sounded as if he might be giving instructions. It drove me nuts and everyone agreed I was already there. As soon as he stopped talking the phone stopped working. Story of my life.

Were you in the US when you heard the voice? That’s bizarre. It sounds like a Twilight Zone episode.

Yep. Right here in Houston.