"Void in Quebec"?

Why are so many contests and special offers “void in the Province of Quebec”?

I was filling out a rebate slip for a product and noticed “this offer is void in Quebec”. I have noticed this on contest entry forms as well.

I know a lot of contests are “void where prohibited”, and others have special restrictions [i.e. residents of WA do not have to enclose a SASE] but why are so many “void in Quebec”? Is it a language thing? Taxes? Someone in the government isn’t getting their cut?

Apparently as regards contests and order forms, each state/province is allowed to set up their own rules.

Other observations:

Contest entrants in Canada have to pass some sort of pre-screening intelligence test, which Americans don’t.

There are a couple of states, VT and WA maybe, which require that certain contests be conducted through toll-free numbers and not 900 numbers. (Noticed this one during the early weeks of Millionaire, in which residents of these states could bypass the $1.50 call).

For that matter, I think these are the same two states which don’t require that you send in a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope when you want free game pieces mailed to you from McDonalds!

That always bugged me incidentally. They say “No Purchase Necessary”, but what they really mean is that you can either get two “free” game pieces if you buy their supersize fries or drink, or you can spend 64 cents to have two “free” game pieces mailed to you! :frowning:

I dunno why things are “void in Quebec”, but here’s somebody who’s really upset it about it.


This is just my guess, but I believe under Quebec’s language laws, all contracts offered generally to consumers must be in French, at a minimum. The offer can be repeated in other languages, like English, but an offer in English only is void.

Here is the relevant section of the Government of Quebec’s gambling law.

(By the way, I also searched through the Charter of the French Language (Quebec’s infamous “Bill 101”) but couldn’t find any reference to prohibitions on language in relation to contests. If someone else found that, could you let us know.)

Anyway, here is the regulation (French version follows):
Chapter L-6


Duties. 58. A person for whom a publicity contest is carried on in which the total value of the prizes offered exceeds $100 must pay to the board, at the same time as he sends the form provided for in section 59, the following duties:
(a) 10%; of the value of a prize offered to contestants from Québec exclusively;
(b) 3%; of the value of a prize offered to a group of contestants from Canada exclusively, when that group includes contestants from Québec;
© 0.5%; of the value of a prize offered to any other group of contestants including contestants from Québec.

1978, c. 36, s. 58.
L.R.Q., c. L-6.
Droits à payer.
58. Une personne au bénéfice de laquelle est tenu un concours publicitaire dont la valeur totale des prix offerts dépasse 100 $ doit payer à la Régie, en même temps qu’est transmise la formule prévue par l’article 59, les droits suivants:
a) 10 % de la valeur d’un prix offert à des participants du Québec exclusivement;
b) 3 % de la valeur d’un prix offert à un ensemble de participants du Canada exclusivement, lorsque cet ensemble comprend des participants du Québec;
c) 0.5 % de la valeur d’un prix offert à tout autre ensemble de participants comprenant des participants du Québec.
1978, c. 36, a. 58.
English: http://publicationsduquebec.gouv.qc.ca/documents/lr/L_6/L6_A.html
French: http://publicationsduquebec.gouv.qc.ca/documents/lr/L_6/L6.html

Actually, my wife and I voided in Ontario, right next to Lake Ontario in Toronto. We were stuck in traffic for about an hour, and when we finally found an exit it took us away from anyplace that might have a restroom. The road took us by an apartment complex next to the lake. We wandered off into the plant growth on the shore and did our business.

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