Volcano eater?

Today an old comic crossed my mind–there is an erupting volcano, and something is convinced to eat the volcano, saving the people around it and having a mildly spicy snack. Any clues?

Bumping this, because I saw a cover of a comic today that I thought could be the one, but isn’t. To repeat, a volcano is erupting, threatening the human population, and some sort of giant or genie or something eats the whole erupting volcao, solving the problem. I would have seen it in the late 70s/early 80s, but it could have been published earlier. Possibly in a Disney or Harvey comic, but not Stumblo.

Aww, Stumbo would have been my guess, he was always getting involved with volcanoes - he used an extinct one for storage, he cooked on one…

This whatever was big enough to swallow the volcano (and Stumo) whole.

In DC Comics, one member of the Legion of Superheroes was Matter Eater Lad. This kind of thing is right up his alley. I don’t know if he did eat this volcano, but he could have. Matter-Eater Lad (disambiguation) | DC Database | Fandom