Vote for my new pinball machine

So I was a pinball nut as a kid. Half my paper route money went into playing this until I got good enough that I could get a dozen games off a quarter. In 1999 I realized a childhood fantasy, and bought one.

I recently inherited some money, and after getting a new car, which I really needed for safety, paying off my credit cards, buying my son several thousand dollars in savings bonds, and adding some nice padding to our own savings, I decided to get a new toy. I’m getting another machine. Officially, I will have a “collection.”

These are the choices I have it narrowed down to from what is available. They are all about 1977-1982 vintage, which was when I was really into playing. I picked these for the play, the historicity, themes, and price-to-quality.

Pac-Man. This is probably my least favorite, but I do like it (I really like all the machines here), and my son absolutely loves Pac-Man. I haven’t told him about this, though, in case I don’t get it. Its availability is slightly iffy, in that the owners are waffling on selling. They sent it for repairs along with their much more expensive Guns’n’Roses machine, and can’t afford the whole repair ticket, though, so probably will have to sell. It’s also very different from Lost World (the one I have). It’s a Bally, the best brand.

Gorgar. Gorgar has some history. It’s the first talking machine. The play is great. I love this machine. On the downside, it’s kinda like Lost World, thematically. If I didn’t already have such a similar machine, this would be my first choice. It’s a Williams, the second best brand.

Star Trek. My husband would love this one. It’s the first Star Trek machine. It gets a little flack for mixing images from TOS and the first movie. Play is good, despite guy in video not being a good player. Very easy strategy to follow. Historically, one of the earlier TV/movie themed games. Playing field looks different, but actually very similar to Gorgar. It will make a nice contrast to Lost World. It’s a Bally.

Firepower II. Priced to move since most people won’t buy it if they don’t also have Firepower I. Play can be confusing, because you can’t see the ball in the upper playing field well. Historically, one of the first multi-ball machines, if not* the *first, and very generous with the multi-balls. I am good at this machine, and not many people are, but other than for that reason, it’s not really my favorite. I played it for the first time last week, and hit a high score replay on my first game. It has black lights on it, and offers an in-the-dark play experience. Williams.

Vote for your favorite.

I know people who like to say, out of nowhere, “Gorgar speeee, Gorgar mooooo.”

I liked Captain Fantastic. But I dropped more quarters into a KISS machine. Not by choice, but because that was the only one there.

see the star trek pinball game I played was based on the next gen series and if you got one of the missions you could use the pinball as sort of a controller I think it was by sega tho … id get that one anyhow

get the star trek one although if ya ever see a gnr one for sale grab it cause they only made like 500 of em… my cousin has no 295…

Aside from “That’s not a choice,” and “I like machines from the 70s,” those NG machines go for about $5,000, and I’m looking in the $800-1,200 range.

I have a sentimental fondness for Eight Ball Deluxe. Since that’s not among your options, I’d have a hard time choosing between Gorgar and Star Trek.

So long since I played much.
My choice would need to have a multi-ball stage so, without researching them and based on your descriptions and watching parts of the clips, I’d have to vote for Firepower II.
Otherwise the Star Trek one looked like the most challenging.

Didn’t click on the YouTube link: is that baby Pac-Man? That’s one of the truly unique arcade games. If I had a collection I’d choose it. Haven’t played the other ones except maybe Firepower.

Of those I would say Firepower II if I had I or not. But the one I always liked best was the Bally “Captain Fantastic/Elton John” machine. I check at Pinball Perfection for a nice one every now and then. I have been considering one of the earlier bingo-style machines now and then also.

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That one is my all time favorite as well! Also being a sucker for multi-ball play, I voted for Firepower II.

Save your money and seek out a Silverball Mania machine.

Based on what you say, Star Trek sounds the best–similar to your favorite, but has something a family member would like, and thematically different from your current machine. So that’s my vote.

If were me, and I could handle multi-ball well, I’d go with that one. But you present that as your second least favorite.

I voted as if it I were the one buying, so I chose Gorgar.

Flash, a similar Williams machine, is one of my favorites.

No - it’s a Mr. & Ms. Pac-Man machine. The gimmick is, the playfield has a 5x5 grid of lights; one flashing one represents Pac-Man, and another (in red, I think) represents a ghost. At some point, you move Pac-Man around using one flipper to move and the other to change the direction of movement 90 degrees. You get a replay (settable to extra ball, in places like New York where replays are still banned, or 50,000 points, for use in tournaments) if you can clear the maze without getting caught.

The difference was that this was a pinball game with a mini video game inserted, while Baby Pac-Man was a video game with a mini pinball game inserted.

Of those four, Gorgar is the clear choice. It’s a better pinball game by far and the voice bits can’t be beat. Plus it would give you an excuse to get a Sinistar machine to put next to it.

It’s hard to watch pinball videos. I keep pushing the non-existent flippers to catch the ball.

Great Og, it’s been years since I played. Can’t find them anywheres nowadays.

I’d also vote for Gorgar. That would be an awesome choice and very faithful to the time period you’re after.