Voting for the handicapped?

Thinking about our antiquated system of completing ballots, I realized that there were no concessions made for handicapped people at my polling place (there were about half-a-dozen stand up booths). What arrangements are made for those in wheelchairs, the blind, those with Parkinson’s or cerebral palsy, limited movement,etc?

Parkinsons! That explains the multiple votes for Prez.

Not funny.

In Canada, special templates are used by the visually impaired to help them discern where to mark their ballots. Also, most polling places are wheelchair accessible. Finally, a special assistant or other measures can be reserved by calling the returning officer in advance.

In St. Louis County, Missouri, there are voting stations set at a lower level for someone in a wheel chair to use.

Voters are allowed to bring someone to help them vote if they wish. In some of the examples given, the voter may have needed help getting to the polling place, so a helper is already available.