Voting Options When You Have None

So I do not like any of the candidates for Presidnet, from the major or minor parties. So I have three options:

  1. Don’t vote.
  2. Protest vote for a minor candidate
  3. Lesser of two evils vote

Now I tend to go with #1, but then people judge you when they find out you didn’t vote. Of course I guess I could do #1 but tell people I voted.

Anyway, any other opinions on what is best? Not that my vote makes a difference anyway.

If you think your vote doesn’t make a difference, then it doesn’t. The main reason why the political system has problems is because too many people whine that they don’t like the candidates but refuse to vote or do anything about it.

Vote. Don’t take democracy for granted - it’s a bigger gift than you realise. Most people in this world don’t enjoy it.

Also, by voting you earn the right to complain over the next four years. Otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite.

National elections are won in certain states by a margin of just a few hundred votes. Sure, presidential elections usually aren’t so close, but can you imagine putting a senator in DC for six years based on a few hundred lousy votes? It does count.

Protest 3rd party votes encourage third parties to become more active in the public sphere. If more and more people are interested, they just might become an important force and get some of their issues acted on. I’d say just vote for someone. We may have the right to vote, but the government does not have to bring it about that we love one particular candidate or another.


Tret, I’m in the same boat as you. I think all the candidates blow this year.

I’m strongly considering doing a write-in vote – a gesture of REAL democracy in my opinion, more so than just flipping a lever like most people. Haven’t decided for whom, though. I just love the idea I that I have the option.

Minor hijack: About 10 to 15 years ago, a non-partisan good government organization began distributing voters guides to all the citizens in the city before each election. (I think it was mandated by local law, but no matter.) Every candidate that qualified – including the certifiable nut-jobs – were invited to include a statement in the guide. It was/is a truly wonderful public service.

But I noticed that there was no mention of write-in ballots, so I wrote them a letter. Sure enough, the next year they mentioned the write-in option.

** otherwise, you’re just a hypocrite**

Twaddle. If I come up to you and ask if you’d rather be punched in the face or the stomach, and you say neither, are you a hypocrite? I’m tired of being told I’m apathetic or whiny because I don’t want to vote for amoral clowns like Bush and Gore. I’ve voted in every election since I’ve been of age, and if McCain or Bradley had won their primaries, I’d be voting in this one.

Do what you think is right, Tretiak. If people want to judge you for it, that’s their problem.