Voting results for NFL HOF 2016

I can’t find a breakdown of the votes.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe that the NFL ever announces the actual vote totals (and it’s not a single ballot vote, anyway).

Balloting works very differently from the baseball HOF – there are a much smaller number of voters for the PFHOF (only 46 voters this year), and once the year’s ballot is narrowed to 15 (which happens during the fall), the voters meet in a closed-door meeting on the day before the Super Bowl. The voters discuss each candidate (and voters are allowed to present their cases for each candidate), and then two votes are taken – the first narrows the field from 15 to 10, and then the final vote determines the enshrinees (up to 5 from the modern era).

By rule, voters aren’t allowed to talk publicly about much of what happens in these meetings. Peter King is one of the voters, and he talks a bit about what happened this past Saturday in his MMQB column (the info on the vote is about halfway down in the article):

Edit: more info on the voting process:

Heh, 8.09 seconds to approve Brett Favre.