Operator! Operator!
What’s happening operator?!

Mommy? Mommy? Mommy!!
Where are you Mommy?
I can’t see you
I can’t see you Mommy!

All artists, potentially, are the victims of their desire to be unique

Just observe it

Don’t fight it

Work it.

No mommy, don’t do it again
Don’t do it again
I’ll be a good boy
I’ll be a good boy, I promise
No mommy don’t hit me Oh-oohh
Why did you have to hit me like that mommy?
Don’t do it! You’re hurting me Oh-oohh!
Why did you have to be such a bitch?

This is the post that caused me to figure it out, although I think perhaps your post title refers to the wrong person.

They both have the same name though.

Is this anything? I’m seeing plenty of nonsense and maybe some stoned rambling, but that’s not quite enough to make a thread. This is locked.

ETA: Koxinga explained what’s going on, so I’ve moved this to the Game Room.

I think you’ve got it! But why did I choose the title “Vowels”?

(ETA: Thanks, Marley!)

Yes, thank you Marley, it is an evil sick and twisted game here. I’m actually suprised Inigo didn’t figure it out before me.


You chose the title Vowels for the same reason I chose the title Viral in post 22. Yes, I have figured out your game and the underlying theme. I’ll leave it at that, as it is most devious, to let others figure it out.

I was in my room and I was just like staring at the wall thinking 'bout everything, but then again I was thinking about nothing.

And then my Mom came in, and I didn’t even know she was there.
She called my name but I didn’t hear her.

Then she started screaming, “Mike, Mike!”
And I go, “What? What’s the matter?”
She goes, “What’s the matter with you?!”
I go, “There’s nothin’ wrong Mom.”
She goes, “Don’t tell me that, you’re on drugs!”

I go, “No Mom, I’m not on drugs. I’m okay, I’m just thinking, you know. Why don’t ya give me a Pepsi?”

She goes, “No, you’re on drugs!”
I go, “Mom, I’m okay, I’m just thinking.”
She goes, “No, you’re not thinking, you’re on drugs! Normal people don’t act in that way!”
I go, “Mom, just give me a Pepsi please, all I want is a Pepsi.”

And she wouldn’t give it to me!
All I wanted was a Pepsi!

Just one Pepsi!
And she wouldn’t give it to me!

Just a Pepsi!

They’re song lyrics, with the post title relating, I can get that much.

Vowels: AEIOU Sometimes Y (Ebn Ozn)
Hal’s flower: Push the Little Daisies (Ween)
McCormick’s partner has a stutter: 19 (Paul Hardcastle)
The server’s such a minx: I Know What Boys Like (The Waitresses)
Coffee-colored Columbine clairvoyance?: The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun (Julie Brown)
Viral: Down with the Sickness (Disturbed)
A Trade School for Cobain and Hemmingway: Institutionalize (Suicidal Tendencies)

But that’s just obvious Googling, and the first two responses played along (sort of), and the sixth response (by Litoris) called the OP right out on it. So I suppose there must be yet more to it…

There is, in fact, one more bit of common ground (the general theme).

All the vowels in the OP:


I a ai u oaay ya o a ee a i ieie ooi ei i ai a auio ao e ee o io ee

I ae ai o e e ai e ae a oa e ni a oo oo u e ou u ei aou ie ou oee u ai ou

o e o a o y ae e e i e e eay io ea oe I a oe aou o ae I eiou

A e a o a ue e e u a e ay ey I eay oa eae


and also:
AEIOU, and sometimes Y

This is my world. You just a squirrel, tryin’ to get a nut.

Every damn time I walk through that door, its the same damn thing
That bitch bends over, and I forget my name - ow!

Ooooh… well done.

Actually, I was going for annoying 80s-90s one hit wonders. Try listening to them all in a row and see if your head doesn’t explode.

(Especially Ween).

Hey now, how can you not like “Voodoo Lady”?

I was going to say '80s after listening to them all but there was some sort of reddish gray debris on my keyboard. I guess my Disturbed contribution didn’t fit and Kiss is hardly a one hit wonder but I suppose the Suicidal Tendencies work their way in nicely.