Vox? Valete? Globos meos lambe

Isnt it annoying how… Oh! I have forgotten what I was going to whine about. Hate it when that happens. Oh well, maybe next time.


Wait, I remember now, its about those knobjockies that feel the need to sign off every post they make. Every. Single. Post. What a bunch of fuckwits. Why do they need to do this? Is it an insecurity? Are they afraid that by the end of the post we will have forgotten who was writing? Are they just a bunch of pretentious twats ? If they wish to sign off with a flourish, do you think that after they hit submit they also jump up from their seat, pump their fist and shout “Read that rebuttal you Straight Dope bitches”?


A question occurs to me. If I went into any thread, and over the course of twenty or thirty posts kept repeating the same statement, over and over again, would I be labelled a troll? At the very least I would be called a jerk, and rightly so.


What else is jerkish? Oh yeah, when people point out your jerkish behaviour, it is jerkish to keep doing that particular jerkavian type thing, and even more jerkish to laugh as you do it, fully aware that you are pissing people off.
Like Vox Imperatoris in the thread “Posters you can’t stand. Pit rules f***ing apply!”. After it was indicated that the sad, silly, sig line annoyed many people, Vox basically sniggered and kept right on doing it.

My nutsack, its hairy and your crazy ass should lick it

So here it is. I think you are a pillock. You probably dont care but you should because of some good reasons I cant think off right now. Every time you post I see nothing but that fucking Valete crap, not what you actually say. You could have posted the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, but I wont ever know because all I see is fucking Valete. Maybe Valete is the answer, what the fuck does it even mean anyway? Are you just insulting everybody? Is it the latin for “You fucking monkies couldnt understand me anyway”?
I dont even care. Fuck you and the ugly goat you sucked of just to get some milk and a place to sleep.

Yours untill the next fucking post in about forty fucking seconds

A pillock?

As I asked in the other thread, what about it is annoying? The only I answer I got was somethign about how its supposed to be for emails or some such. The OP doesn’t really spell out WHY its annoying… just that it is. I’m curious why it annoys peoiple so much.

Fuck you all,

As a good citizen, I feel obliged to offer a reader’s companion to the OP:

Globos meos lambe: Latin for “Please globe my lamb.” (Warning: Whatever this involves, it almost has to be against some law somewhere.)

Jerkavian: That jerk who went to jail for putting all those old people to sleep.

The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything: 42.

Off: Gaelic for “of”

Of: Gaelic for “off”

You know, in between the lambs, and the crazy asses which apparently have tongues, and the opportunity to work as a rentboy for ugly goats, Ireland sounds like a weird fucking place.

You know why the snakes *really *left Ireland? Why stay?

It was, originally, Shodan’s trademark – and not particularly annoying. Then either Mtgman or Left Hand of Dorkness adopted it, followed by the other one (I think – there are several Stevens on the board, many of whom sign off with a signature block). Then The Emperor’s Voice decided to get Latiny on us. And somewhere in the course of all that, it moved from being a lovable eccentricity to a positive annoyance.

With warmest regards,
I remain, my good sir,
Your humble and obedient servant,

I have heard the argument that those sorts of signatures are annoying due to the this board being a more ‘free flowing’ ‘fast paced’ sort of discussion medium, and we’re not supposed to shatter that illusion by posting as if we were having an asynchronous discussion.

That is a very interesting point that I will have to consider, and I might get back to it tomorrow if I have time.

Best wishes

Personally I don’t mind if someone wants to post a salutation in their first post in the thread, but when you get a thread where they’re posting a lot, replying to other posters and you get every other post saying

Sierra Indigo

I agree

Sierra Indigo


Sierra Indigo

It just gets a bit annoying, in the same way someone sitting there repeating themselves over and over and over again tends to.

Sierra Indigo

I’m not too outraged about the issue in question, but this was a beautifully composed OP and I just wanted to give you props.


And doing it in white doesn’t make it any better. Some of us use our own style sheets, you know.


One of this days they will notice that their name is at the top of every single one of their replies in big blue letters, freeing them from the obligation of signing their every little comment least we won’t notice it’s them.

Oh, god, it itches, It itches,
Sr. Siete

The reason it is annoying is twofold.
First: It has no meaning to the readers, its an deliberate piece of static added to the channel.
Second: The reason it is put there by the writer is to make his/her adopted persona unique. While some posters make their postings unique by insight and wit, the signees have chosen the equivalent of throwing feces.

What’s annoying about it is that we have a function on this board where you can write a signature to append whatever bit o’ self-promotion you want to to your posts. Those of us who don’t like signatures can turn them off and ignore them. By including it in the text and not as a signature, the person is pulling a passive-aggressive, in-your-face move, effectively “I know signatures annoy some people, but mine is so special that I want everyone, even the signature-haters, to see it every single fucking goddamn time I post.

You can’t parse out the signature while reading the comversation and ignore it? Do you read the page numbers in books?

"…and the murderer is… page 146… <flips page>… the butler.

Fucking passive agressive publishers

Fuck you all,

Wow, a very interesting history! I’ve been doing it since logging onto the Forbidden Zone BBS back in the late eighties or early nineties, and have been doing so on this board since my first post in 1999, and have been doing so on every messageboard I log onto on the net. I do so because it’s how I sign emails, and it’s helpful to me when others do so, since I have a tendency to read over text in fonts other than the message font; having someone put their name in the body of their message makes it stand out more for me.

I think folks who get their knickers in a twist about it are keen. Really.


I don’t really see why we need signatures on this board when all one has to do is scroll up a bit to see the poster’s name.


Lucky 13

The board’s software has the signature function so those who wish to have a signature can have it and those who wish to not see it can have their wish too. I do not unsdertand why some people have to be jerks about it and post their signatures outside of its intended place. Whether you understand why people dislike signatures or not is irrelevant. The signature has its place and placing it outside is just being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious.

Just like threads have their different forums and we respect that I do not understand why we do not have a rule that signatures must go in the signature so others can turn them off. Otherwise there isno point in using the signature feature.

What I do not understand is whether the thread title falls under the new “misleading” category. The mods need to circle their wagons, learn Latin and issue a warning about something or other (no thread titles in Latin?).

The weird thing about yours, you must admit, is that you freak out when you’re called “Daniel”.

Drink more lactose,

Yeah. This practice has one effect and one effect only: it makes sure that people who don’t wish to see your signature see it. In other words, you’re making an effort, minuscule though it may be, for the sole purpose of being a dick. Can’t fathom it.

Good evening,
I’m not particularly upset by it, but I do find it silly to preface or postface posts like they were emails or letters.
It’s a message board. We *know *who you are, it’s written in bolded blue over your message. You want to repeat something pithy, that’s what signature lines are for. That’s also why we have the option to disable them. It’s especially weird (and it really becomes annoying) when you preface and postface a single line. Or word. Why do y’all insist on doing that, except as a “look at me, look at me !!” shtick ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Your friend in Dopery,

  • Kobal the second.