Voyager: has Kes fallen to the Dark Side?

Kes had been developing her metaphysical talents with Tuvok
and with the AlieNation guy in league with Suspiria…the mate
of the Caretaker. She gets pissed of at “Matt Sykes” when he
attacked Neelix, so she put the whammy on him, making him
bleed from the ears and stuff.

Later, her powers manifest themselves so strongly she transforms
into…something…and hurls Voyager 10 years closer to home.

A few years later, a middle-aged/elderly Kes re-appears on
Voyager, blowing out access panels in her wake. She is
REALLY pissed off now.

Since she is the most Jedi-like entity in the Trek-iverse (aside from
Q, of course), did she fall to the Dark Side?


Perhaps she allied herself with Sauron.

I think she pissed off about being replaced by “that Borg B—h”.

she’s dammit, she’s.
I don’t want to look suspicious to General Ashcroft.

She fell to the dark side…of bad writing!!!

And in that episode, it’s apparent that she hadn’t missed a meal.

Isn’t Voyager canceled? Didn’t they get home?

Or something?

Enola lives in another time line where syndication is reality.