VP debate (Oct 7)- Is there a watch/follow-along thread?

I was not planning on watching, but I’d like to know what went on.


There is now! Thanks for starting it!

Wow, look how far apart all of the masked people are sitting from each other. Still looks too close to me. No thanks. Zoom this shit.

VP debate (Oct 7)- Is there a watch/follow-along thread?

By asking the question, you have answered the question, grasshopper.

You have become what you seek. ~Yoda (probably)

I live to serve.

:pray:t3: <bows>

Why not watch it? You want to see Kamala Harris kick Mike Pence’s ass, don’t you?
Click the following, it’s C-Span.

I’m old and frail. :older_woman:t3:

Besides, I love it when people tell me stories.

The show is now starting.

Interesting that they are seated. Or not…just seems unusual for a debate. No biggie either way.

Harris starting out without the standard platitudes and speaking instead on behalf of the working class.

And Kamala comes out swinging!

“… and here the thing: …”

Pence going for the platitudes and blaming China.

Good tough first answer from Harris. The facts are just devastating for Trump.

The China travel shutdown (which really it was not, it allowed tens of thousands of poeple to come back from China) is literally the only thing they have to point to in terms of covid response.

We closed the hen house after the fox got in!

“Whatever the Vice President is claiming has been done, it hasn’t worked.”

lol that was a nonsensical attack. Biden has a plan, and he says that Biden’s plan was similar to what some of Trump/Pence did, therefore it’s “plagiarism” which is one of the weirdest attempts at a zinger. Not only is not true, but even if it were, having common-sense procedures overlap is not “plagiarism”

Pence trying to interrupt.