VPN's and other settings.

Hey all,

I just got set up with a VPN connection to my work so I can work from home.

Here the thing that worries me though. The Tech-Dude says I need to DISABLE my Firewall, ENABLE File and Print Sharing, and Install the NetBios protocol.

For some reason, this does not sit well with me at all.

Can anyone with VPN experience tell me why I would need to do all this just to access out Intra-Net?


(BTW: I’ve installed the VPN and done NONE of the above…low and behold it seems to work fine.)

The tech dude was probably just trying to ensure that you were successful. Disabling the firewall ensures that nothing on your end will be blocking the connection, enabling file and print sharing means he may be able to get all the good stuff from your hard drive, and installing NetBios means you can send meaningless browse messages over the internet.

You’ve done the right thing - your firewall obviously allows the VPN connection, so you don’t have to drill a hole through it (which you normally don’t have to do for an outbound connection), and you are still protected from evil haxors. Going to your intranet means an IP connection, so you don’t need NetBios, and unless you want to share some stuff with the folks at work, you don’t need to enable sharing.

I did notice that, on boot up, the VPN would connect through ZAPro. When I went to access the IntraNet, the VPN logon came up, but the page would not access.

I dissabled ZA and the page came up. I restarted ZA again and everything it working fine now.
(I think you’re right about them wanting to ‘surf my drive’. These are the same guys that installed Spector on my PC at work.)