VR Circuit?

I’m looking for a circuit that would take a video signal, minimum 800 X 600, and modify it so that the apparent point of view would be several inches to one side or the other of the original signal.
Obviously, what I’m trying to do is create a VR system using hardware instead of software.
Are there any circuits out there that would do this? Any advice or comments would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and regards


As in, the monitor is currently displaying some 3d scene, and you want to change the viewpoint within the scene? I’m not sure why you’d expect to be able to do that in hardware… The information just isn’t there. You need to generate that view the same way you generated the original one, in software.

As in stereo videography? If you have two cameras set eye-distance apart, that’d give you a hardware solution to 3D VR. I think some IMAX 3D films use this.

But otherwise, what Chronos said. The information simply isn’t there.