Vulcan Force Field

So, last Monday I flew 14 hours and a lot of timezones to Vancouver by economy class. Then had 3 days of really important meetings that started with email about 6.00am and finished in the bar at midnight. It was great but draining. At the end of about 80 hours of this marathon, I made a run for the airport and a late flight to Seattle for a round of high powered internal interviews for a new position.

I do n’t know about you but I have the ‘business’ travller routine down. In and out like a special forces mission. No wasted motion, speak only when spoken to by someone that can affect my trip (agent, security, immiration, vendorm etc). Don’t make eye contact or small talk with fellow travellers. Bury head in a book or poating to the Dope via smart phone.

Blew through immigration, into the short line to security then auto pilot takes over. Toss out a couple of xray trays, throw all metal in a tray, laptop into another tray, backpack itno the xray, shoes off and into another tray. Give the guy behind me the hairy eyeball so he’ll keep back and not snatch my mojo and set the metal detector off. Guy looked like an older version of Half Life Dr Morgan Freeman.

Mission accomplished. the alarm does not go off, I reverse engineer and all items are back in the right places, shoes on my feet, laptop in backpack and I’m on my way to find a quiet corner.

Later on the plane, a colleague I vaugely know said ‘did you notice Leonard Nimoy in line behind you going through security?’

If you’d noticed, you could have gotten all excited and asked him “Am I dreaming? Pinch me!


You are lucky to get out of there unharmed, dude is schizo:

Jeez, posting from my pda really ruins my spelling. My bad.

Anyhoo, I forgot to mention that Leonard also had a hat pulled down over his face. According to my colleague, he was definately giving off the old “no eye contact and please don’t recognize me” vibe.

My colleague went through immigration right after Leonard. The Immigration lady said “hey, that’s Leonard Nimoy. Looks just like him…except for the ears.”

All for the best. I’m sure Leonard appreciated the businessman stink eye much better than some stupid comment he’s been sick of since I was knee high to a gopher.

Did a quick search on line to see if there was some sort of travel schedule that would explain why he was in Vancouver or where he was going. Didn’t find that, but I did discover that Leonard evidently fancies himself a nude photographer. This link is safe for work: Learn something new every day.

Funny, that is a great story.

Let me say that you are the kind of traveler I appreciate when I am on the road. Get into the TSA line knowing what you are doing and get out so that I can do the same. But at the same time, when I am going through, I doubt I would notice my own mother in line behind me.

Live long and prosper.