This.* Is going to be. Awesome.

*Direct link to video file.

Oliver Stone is hit or miss with me but I think he’s a good director. I agree, lissener, this is going to be awesome.

W’s story isn’t written yet. I’d like to see this movie in 20 years.

His film JFK was a mess, and made the whole world slightly stupider.

Nixon? Nobody even wanted to see it.

W? Big problem. Those who hate our Prez will love it, and those who love him won’t, and neither of 'em will bother to see the damn film.

What, do you quote directly from Fox News, all the time Darth Nader? That channel is so partisan it seperates my anus from my ass.

This is a good movie. Period.

I have never, in my life, even thought about quoting directly from fox news. Good lord, I once voted for LaDuke to be our Veep! Worse, I voted for Jerry Brown in the only primary he ever won the last time he ran. So dem’s fightin’ words, okay, boyo?

I have seen one preview so far, have you seen more? If you need to use the words anus and ass in your next reply, I hope you won’t forget the A.B.C.-- “Grundle” is better than “Taint”, in my opinion. Lick 'em.

Well, I heard a pundit on Fox News, yesterday, vomit up from his farthole, the same, exact, spew about nobody wanting to see it. Yours in italic.

It’s on video, although I can’t conjure it up, because fox is very selective about what fox passes for gas now a days.

Okay, because some dipshit on a tv channel I don’t watch may have said something I did, I get the abuse? Dammnit, if you didn’t get what I was trying to say, nobody is going to see this film with an open mind. Not right now. I was one of the first to paint a NO WAR* sign back in the day, I fucking hate what our president has done to ruin our country, fucking stop it, we’re on the same side, okay?
*I panted over it, my wife’s name in Cantonese. Five years ago.

I have no idea what in the Hell you are taking about here.

Saturday Night Live joke:

(Johnny walks into the waiting room with a piece of wood shoved in the middle of his pants)

Johnny: Hey, How you doing man? I got a little situation, I kinda on purpose nailed this two - by - four to my ABC.

Receptionist: What’s an ABC?

Johnny: My ass-ball connection. Anyway, that’s two weeks ago and it’s really startin’ to smart, so…

Receptionist: OK you want to go straight down to the ICU—

Johnny: Oh I know where it is.

If you can’t recognize the bad press and biased media that upholds this conservative view, then maybe you shouldn’t be in this thread. This will be a classic I guarantee. It is not the parisan film that you infer. It is a biopic. Quite accurate indeed.

What is this thread about again?

So, have you seen it then?

If not, just shut the fuck up and let us all wait until it can be seen for real, okay?

Mr. Stone has made some bad films, that’s all.

I hope he made a good one this time, understand?

Sorry. We’re headed for the Pit. And everyone’s on the same fucking side. Huh.

Well, no, not quite yet. If you want to keep on topic and avoid personal insults, the thread can stay here.

You’ve seen it?

Well no. It’s likely going to be a ludicrous, overindulgent, self-important piece of shit, just like most of Olver Stone’s movies.

No, Dude, you’re Awesome!

My favorite sequence is the one that shows a wild frat party, followed by a scene in Bush senior’s office. “Who do you think you are? A Kennedy?”

I too am waiting for confirmation that you have seen the whole film on which to base this opinion. I know some version of the script has leaked out, but a completed film can vary a lot from the page.

The trailer is good, sure. But that’s hardly proof of a great movie.