w00t! My copy of Shakespeare's First Folio arrived!

And for only $9.95 CAN! It’s a bargain! f instead of s, erratic spelling and nomenclature, and all, just as Hemings and Condell wanted it!

of course, it’s not one of the 17th century First Folios, but the Norton facsimile, out of the Folio Society - quarter bound leather, buckram and slip case - as an introductory offer to Folio books.


Holy crap.

I’m green with jealousy.

I think it’s a Long S, actually. Unlefs Shakfpur had fome fort of ftrange fpelling diforder.

Color me impressed. Last month, after reading another book about the man, I wondered if I could get me a copy of the FF, and after gasping at the prices on ABEbooks, came across the Norton edition.

Fortunately, they don’t offer that to U.S. residents. We get LOTR because we’re to dum for anyting lit’ry-like. :smiley:

What’s amusing to me about the First Folio is how book editing hasn’t changed much in four hundred years: the first few plays have the most thorough editing (extensive stage directions, fewest typos, etc.), and then the quality of the editing gradually sloughs off into indifference.