w00t! My first patent

Okay, so I’m a co-author. But most of the development work was mine. And it’s still my first patent, so I’m all happy and stuff.

Besides being mundane, it might be pointless, too, since we’re still not sure if we’ll put it into practice. Nonetheless: yay. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’m in an engineering course right now and we are about to get started on the various machining processes. I’ll print out your patent and read it once I have a better idea what the hell it is about. :smiley: It appears to be, after a brief preview, a new formulation or at least a method of enhancing a lubrication/cooling fluid that would be used on mills, lathes and the like.

Yay, indeed!

I have no idea what all that means (except metalworking, I got that much), but I’m happy for you anyway.

Ooooh, that is so cool!

All I ever got was an article, I’m jealous.

Very cool - congrats!

So, when do you get rich?


It’s an emulsifier for metal-cutting – it keeps the lubricating oil and the water used to cool the metal in an emulsion, instead of separating as they’d do otherwise. Like much of my job, it is terribly banal. :wink:

And although I won’t be getting rich, I’ll apparently be getting lunch. Whenever the company decides to have another honor-the-patentees lunch. In a year or so, maybe. Possibly, it will be lunch and cocktails. Although I rather doubt it.

Such is the giddy world of fame that I have been elevated to.