Wacky car insurance

I looked into removing the Willys from my car insurance. Since it had a certificate of non-operation, coverage was less than $12/half-year. If I remove the Willys from my insurance, I lose my multi-car discount. The six-month premium would go up $40. :rolleyes:

If you go to the junkyard and have them tow a dozen or so wrecks to your front yard, your insurance on your real vehicle will be almost free.

:smack: We pay actuaries a gazillion dollars every year to come up with ways to give discounts and they let loopholes as inane as allowing an inoperative car to reduce insurance premiums on an operable car by 10%. When the nature of the risk has not changed. So everyone with only one car should get themselves a $100 car/lawn ornament and save, save, save!

Insurance Guy marvels. Pays another claim. Drinks a cup of cold coffee and realizes he’d rather be roasting mussels over a campfire on a rocky beach outside Tofino, BC. Grits teeth and awaits another layer of snow in the Rockies. Decides he’ll get a 6-pack on the way home tonight.