Waffle recipes.

Just got my wife a “waffle maker” for her birthday, one of those ones that flips over so you can make big Belgian Waffles.

I’ve searched around the 'net and found some nice looking recipes, but just wondering what Dopers experiences with the best waffle recipes are.

I’ve noticed that some recipes use yeast and let the batter sit overnight, while some are put together the morning of like a pancake mix. Thoughts?

Any good “store bought” mixes?

Any good topping suggestions beyond “whipped cream & fresh fruit” or “butter & syrup”?


My boyfriend has the best recipe, but the secret to any good waffle, no matter what you put in it, is beaten egg whites. If you beat the egg whites separately and add them in just before cooking, your waffles will be light and fluffy, even if you are using whole grain flour and wheat germ and corn meal and all kinds of other stuff.

I always make the yeast kind that rise overnight in the fridge. Got desperate one time when I forgot to make them the night before and made some from Bisquick. Never again! :eek:

Step 1: Get waffle out of freezer

Step 2: Put wafle in toaster

Step 3: Push down lever on front of toaster

Step 4: Wait for waffle to pop up.

Step 5: Grab and say “Let go my Eggo” (especially if it’s not an Eggo and if you’re the only one reaching for it)

Step 6: Put syrup on.

Step 7: Eat