Waiting for the ghosties

I’m excited!

Check this out: I was surfing around, and stumbled upon a message board devoted to the paranormal sciences. “Cool”, I thought, “This will be interesting reading!”

And it was! I read happily for a few minutes, shaking my head in wonder, and disgust, and amusement, etc… then I came to a thread in which people were dissing on “magik”.

As you might imagine, the debate was mostly: “Magik doesn’t exist!” “Yes it does, but we don’t have to prove it to you!” “No it doesn’t!” “Yes it does! But we don’t have to prove it!”… etc.

I posted. Yes, I did. I asked if anyone were willing to prove their claims, in any way. One person said that they were willing to do so if I came to their house. I replied that I was not willing to come to their house (as airfare from S. Korea to wherever is expensive, and I don’t have the time for such a trip), but would they be willing/able to try to prove it at a distance? The person replied that they could/and maybe would be willing… but it would involve sending an “elemental” to visit me; however, I would have to supply some information to him/her.

I replied with an “OK”… and am now awaiting an answer.

This is so cool! I actually have someone who is (maybe)willing to try to prove magik to me, in some way, sometime soon! Cool! :cool:

So, I’m now awaiting an e-mail from this person which should ask or some information… which I will supply, and then he/she will (maybe) try to send an elemental to me!

Woo Hoo! Though I am skeptical, I would be thrilled to see an elemental! Bring it on, man!!:smiley:

Cool. See if you can get them to cast “Ultima”.

Did they explain why they spelled it “magik?” Or “magick?” I’ve always wondered if they’re pronounced differently, like “magick” is prounced “maj-ick-ick.”

hey Astroboy Could you maybe post a link to the site? I’m a natural skeptic but I’d love a spell to whip up some zombie velociraptors.

just be sure to ask for a good reason why they need your credit card number to work the spell. :slight_smile:

Fine… I’LL ask. Whats an Elemental??

What the heck happened to my thread title? I didn’t notice that last night when I posted this… oh well!:rolleyes:

breaknrun, I don’t want to post a link to it, as I don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of people going over there and trolling the place (I recall that that happened once with Christian message board…), but I’ll e-mail the link to you in a minute…

Durned if I know, Whammo! I’ll let you know if it gets here!:smiley: Anybody out there know what could be meant by “elemental”?

I’m still waiting to hear back from the person… it’s been a few days since he or she asked if I would be willing to provide some information. (no credit card information will be given, however!:smiley: )

I’ll let you know what happens!

Roughly, an elemental is an embodiment of one of the 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire). So, for example, if this person sends Astroboy a fire elemental, he’ll have some kind of flame-creature walking around his house. Have an extinguisher handy. :smiley:

make sure you got your mojo working 'for them elemental things start coming to visit. You might wanna run down to your neighborhood temple and get some backup firepower in amulet form in case you need it.

:eek: Maybe I’ll try to steer this guy towards the air or water types! We don’t need no fire-creatures 'round here! (though it would be pretty cool to be able to say that I lit a cigarette off a salamander!)

No problem there, China! If I get scared, I plan to screw my eyes closed, put my fingers in my ears, and say, “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” until this thing gets bored and goes away! So you see, I’m prepared for anything!

Bring it on! I’m ready!

As you may be able to tell, I’m pretty skeptical that anything will happen… but I think it’s cool that the person said that they’d try! And who knows… if something DOES happen, it will be pretty exciting!

Astrogirl thinks I am certifiably insane to actually invite something like this, but then, she believes that sleeping with a fan on in a closed room will kill you (see Cecil’s article in the archives about Korean fan beliefs).

BTW, would any Mods who happen to wander through here change the thread title to something like “Waiting for the ghosties”? Thank you!

I’m not sure what I was naming this last night when I started it, but I obviously screwed it up somehow…

Under three minutes! A new land speed record!! :smiley:

Thanks, Coldie! That was fast!

Cool. I wanna wait for the ghosties, too. I’m gonna sit right here until Astroboy reports back with the skinny on his elemental.

::sets up a lawn chair, finds a couple of books to while away the time, loads up a large thermos with Sangria and the pik-a-nic basket with assorted snackies…::

Okay. I’m all set. Let me know when the ghosties arrive, ok?

Jess (waiting patiently but not holding her breath)

[whiney child voice]
Yeah Astro… what’s the liiiink?
[/whiney child voice]

Rue, e-mail with the URL on the way. Please don’t troll there, though! Not polite, and I DO want this person to try to send me an “elemental”… IE: don’t piss them off more than I have, or else he/she may not try…

So far, no e-mail asking for info! Still waiting!

Me? Troll? Perish the thought.

Thanks, Astroboy, for the email. This reminds me, I used to live down the street from some Institute for Paranormal Studies. I now live about 45 min away but that’s not bad. I keep intending to take a weekend and wander down there and see what’s up but I keep forgetting and I had vacation all last week, damn.


None, really, except that the person in question did post to the other message board saying that he/she was preparing to send me an e-mail requesting the required info…

That’s it so far!

Will keep you all posted!

Well, it’s been more than 10 days since I have heard from the person who is supposed to be sending me an “elemental.” I have sent him/her a couple (didn’t want to be a pest!) of e-mails, with no real response…

So, I don’t know what to think here… did he/she chicken out? Did he/she decide it wasn’t worth the effort? Did he/she realize that I had posted about our little experiment here at the SDMB, and decide that it was too risky, or was offended by this?

We may never know… I just sent another message to this person saying that I was eager to try this experiment, and eagerly awaiting his/her e-mail requesting the necessary information needed to send me an “elemental”, and I await the reply (if any)…

I’ll be sure to let you know if anything developes…