WAke Up, L'il Susy (is here). Chick's newest for your pleasure!

Jack Chick has released yet another example of his literature for the halfwitted in Lil’ Susy, which, oddly enough, doesn’t bash Catholics, gays, Muslims or Jews.

I have to admit that when I read the line, “When the baby was born, God was inside the little boy,” my first thought was, “So, Michael Jackson IS God!”

In addition, check out the righthand panel of page 11–is that kid channeling Carrie White after the prom or what?

And was the only one who thought that Jack was going for full-on underage lesbian porn anime at the end?

Sisters, Cathy, and I love you!”
“And I love you, Susy. I’ve never been so happy!”


This guy is hilarious. I hope Cartoon Network offers him the chance to write a series for them soon.

Holy shit. Did Chick go on antidepressants or something?

Well, at least it’s not as hateful as some of his other tracts.

Still, plenty of :rolleyes:

So let me get this straight, so to speak, Susy’s got two daddies?

Those are some scary looking girls when they get angry. When Susy tells Cathy that her father sinned, it looks like she’s ready to exact God’s vengeance here on earth.

Good stuff.

A couple of times those two girls looked really evil.

Wait’ll Cathy gets home and her Momma finds out her little friend turned her into a Fundie—then there’ll be some crying!

My favorite line: “What is sin, Suzy? I don’t understand!” Then the porno music comes up . . .

Do tell. Chick tracts are, of course, drawn by different artists, but I don’t think I’ve seen this guy drawing the tracts before. He seems to have some trouble drawing facial expressions. Especially with the non-ponytailed hirl in the panels 7 and 11 - what the hell is going on? Demon possession?

The theme, where the poor sinner who gets saved has never heard of Jesus or, indeed, anything related to religion (“What is sin?”), hears the words of Jesus Chick and is insta-converted. I wish I had that power. Um, I wouldn’t misuse it, of course. Nooo.

Also, I love the way Jack’s explained every fourth word or so in the short Bible quote at the end of the track. “The world” means “everybody?”

No no no. Suzy’s daddy died, remember?

Dude, sixth ‘page’ of the booklet, in the left frame, I swear that one girl looks like one of the Chipmunks.

And I just noticed something–neither of the girls has any teeth. Weird to the "n"th degree. . .

Like, totally weird. . .

Hey now. I mean, I don’t want my kids anywhere near it, and the art is seriously scary, but you gotta admit that for Jack Chick this thing is really quite sweet and sensitive. I kept trying to be offended, but I had to give up.

So that’s what happened to those little girls from the Margaret Keane paintings.

Is it me or do the two girls look a little too close in that last panel? Closer than what Chick would intend, I mean. :wink:

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Sooooo who here has been divorced and remarried? It’s a certain poster’s cough his4ever cough turn for Chickian condemnation.

Man, those little girls have got some dilated pupils.

A crank habit would explain that, plus the mood swings and the need to repent.

I wouldn’t hold that against him. I’ve had days like that after a fifth of (insert liquor here) on a Friday night.

Sometimes my penance included the toilet bowl. Sometimes.

Those girls are indeed most frighting when angry, but their faces did cause me to laugh at a chick tract for the first time. Usualy I just feel ill.

Yeah, pretty much. A little sappy, but it was kinda cute. Poor kids, no parents. But they’re not out there throwing eggs at my house, so I’m happy.

Homebrew, that one is no longer among us, or at least, she no longer posts here.

I’ll take “Posts that are likely to feed her persecution complex” for $200, Alex.