Wake up!

What with all the random life stuff I do every day, I find that I only have time for about 4-5 hours of sleep a day. So I have a few questions about sleep deprivation:

(1) I know there was a Straight Dope article about something related to sleep deprivation, but my searches for this column were fruitless. If there’s an article out there, can someone send me the link?

(2) If the aforementioned article doesn’t already answer this question, what are the long-term effects of sleep deprivation?

(3) What is the best way to keep myself alert? Caffeine works for a little while, but it wears off in a few hours, and usually my saturation point is approx. 200 mgs or so. Anything I can (legally) do to keep me wired the whole day?

Hmmm. I found nothing looking through the books directly related, but related:

Why do we sleep?

Since there is no Mailbag item related to this, and presumably no Column, I am closing the thread here and moving it to GENERAL QUESTIONS.